Who are we? 

This club, which was already organising matches for the .30 M1 carbine in 1985, was officially founded in 1987 and is the biggest club of the K.N.S.A. (Dutch Shooting Association). However, the club is still growing at a steady rate, with currently around 400 members and donators. 

The s.v. .30 M1 Nederland promotes the .30 M1 U.S. carbine by organising national as well as international matches. We have and seek good relations with foreign clubs, associations and other shooter-groups who all strive for the same goal.

The s.v. .30 M1 Nederland is open to anyone who is generally interested in the carbine, owns a carbine, or would like to purchase a carbine. 

The weapon. 

The s.v. .30 M1 Nederland is a club, which was founded to practice the shooting sport with only one type of weapon: the historical U.S. Carbine .30 M1. Therefore, the foundation of this club was the logical combination of the love for a historic weapon and the love for the sport of shooting. Consequently, when in a contest, the club only accepts weapons that are in an original condition and state. Following this, it is only allowed to use the so called G I-model (period 1942-1945). Commercial and modernised versions are not accepted.

 Who are the members? 

The members of our club are men and women who all have one thing in common, their love for this type of carbine. For some it is because of nostalgic reasons, which originated from the compulsory service in the army. Others are just charmed by the simplicity and accuracy of the weapon. Shooting contests organised by the club, are one of the most honest disciplines that the shooting sport has to offer; no frills!

Many owners of a carbine have a membership with other clubs, but because of the multiple reasons mentioned above, also became a member of the s.v. .30 M1 Nederland.

(Membership is only 25 Euro)


If you are interested in this special and exciting variant of the shooting sport, and would you like to know a bit more? Please contact us!